How to change payload from , to . before sending it to a SQL db

Hi. maybe this has been answered before.
I am using different nodes (ds18b20 and rpi-dht22) to get data from sensors.
these come with eg. 21,22xxxx values - and when pasting the payload to a MSSQL-Plus node to save them to a database I only get the 21 so I guess that I will have to change the payload from 21,22xxxx yo 21.22xxxx - but how do I do that

You could try:

I'll look into that . thanks

(I think) There is/are tricks. If you want ALL of them converted you have to do something else....

Sorry, it's been too long for me needing/using it.

Sorry ... my mistake ...
When I created the column in the SQL db. I made the datatype an INT - and not a decimal.
now it works :wink: thanks

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