SNMP msg.payload changed between versions

I've recently upgraded from Node-RED v3.0.2 with the node-red-node-snmp node v0.0.25, to Node-RED v3.1.3 with node-red-node-snmp node v2.0.0.

I'm noticing a difference in how the output from the SNMP node is displayed in the never version combination, which is breaking some further processing.

Historically, I used to be able to get the value "on" from payload[0].value in:


However in the latest version, I'm getting the hexadecimal. I can click on 'raw' which changes it to string and shows correctly, but unlike the previous versions, that isn't actually what's being passed on in payload[0].value.


Is there any way to either specify that I want the text or convert the payload?

Once I've tidied it up, I'd like to see:

{"device":"UPS Eco Mode","reading":"on"}

but instead I'm seeing:

{"device":"UPS Eco Mode","reading":[111,110]}

Many thanks!!!

Use .toString() on the value

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Thank you @Steve-Mcl - I didn't see the other post :slight_smile:

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