(fixed) Do not update your snmp Nodes (fixed)

I updated the node-red-node-snmp from version 0.0.25 to 1.0.0 and none of the snmp nodes were working. All came with an error tables, multiple OIDs - with a type error: TypeError: argument must be a Number. I only triggered nodes with a boolean - but as I specified OIDs with the node, the payload should be irrelevant.

I hope it is not intended to convert OIDs manually. So I reverted back to 0.0.25 and my snmp nodes work properly again.

Hi. That is most odd. Can you share a sample flow & I will test the upgrade process.

I already reverted back to version 0.0.25.

I updated GitHub - Flow is not special: I posted my working flow under 0.0.25, which stopped working after update to 1.0.0

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Issue raised: snmp Nodes Version 1.0.0 stop working · Issue #907 · node-red/node-red-nodes · GitHub

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PR raised: Better inplace upgrade SNMP nodes by Steve-Mcl · Pull Request #908 · node-red/node-red-nodes · GitHub

In fairness, to anyone running V1.0.0, there is no need for immediate upgrade. The V1.0.0 version does actually work but in-place upgrades from <v1.0.0 was not smooth (required the user to open the node and re-select the SNMP version)
This should be now a lot cleaner in V1.0.1

@dceejay can I trouble you to review & release (if all ok) please?

And thanks to Dave, v1.0.1 is now in the flows library.

Please test & feedback.



Looks good and works after in-place upgrade.

Thanks !!!


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