SNMP v3 node-red-node-snmp

Hi, I am currently using node-red-node-snmp at work but have been told that to meet new security requirements I will need to upgrade to SNMP v3. Is this something that would be possible and would there be anyone willing to implement this? I'm new to the community so not sure if there is a way for me to pay for this as a service. Any info would be really useful.

Hi John, welcome to the community. Looks like this one might have been overlooked.

That node is maintained by @dceejay who is one of the core Node-RED devs. They are crazy busy but that node is actively maintained so you could try raising an issue on the repo

Unfortunately, it currently relies on the net-snmp package which doesn't support v3. It doesn't look as though that package is very actively maintained. There is an open issue regarding snmp v3 that has been there since 2015!

See what Dave says first but I think that the options are:

  • Clone the current node and rip out the net-snmp package, replace with something that does support v3
  • Create a new node that is v3 enabled again, based on a package that supports v3 and is actively maintained.

basically @TotallyInformation has it correct - the current underlying library doesn't support v3 and doesn't look like it will. As I'm not an snmp expert (someone helped me do the original) and I don't have a way of testing this at all, it is somewhat below the bottom of my current to do list... so the two options mentioned are realistically the only options available in any reasonable timeframe.

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@TotallyInformation @dceejay Thanks both for the info, I think both of those things might be a bit above my level at the moment, do you know if there is a forum in which you can pay people to implement these things? Thanks again.

Well, this is the main forum for all things Node-RED. There is also the Node-RED Slack as well.

Possibly if you put a call out, someone who works with NR professionally might have some time, I think that has happened once or twice in the past.