How to change properties of nodes


I would like to display data of different OPC-UA clients with a dashboard. The data for each client is more or less the same. Therefore I would like to create a group of dashboard widgets, for example in a subflow. Within each group only the ui_grp of the dashboard-widgets differs. The data is then to be shown on the Dashboard-tab side by side for each UPC-UA-client.
For the property "Group" there is only a drop-down menue, from where one can choose from already created ui_grps. That's why it feels I am currently forced to change the ui_grp-property by hand for each widget. This is very undesired, because I would like to keep the widget group as a whole "template" changeable, so that the appearance for the data of all OPC-UA clients is changed simultaneously when changes are made.

I was reading through the Node-Red pages on

  • how to create your own node
  • how to write functions
  • grouping nodes

I am certain, that with writing my own node, I could achieve, what I want. Unfortunately I would have to dive into javascript and html.

I was also considering to write a script wich goes through the .json-file of the flow and changes only the references to the ui_grp.

Both ways seem to be to much effort for such a seemingly simple adjustment.

Did I miss something? Am I on the wrong track somehow?

tl;dr :
Is there a way to programmatically edit the properties of nodes, that are originally not meant to be parameterizable?
Or to simultaneously change a common property of different types of nodes (again: that seem not to be parameterizable)?

Thanks in advance for helpfull advice

UI widgets in a subflow are not supported & covered a few times in forum posts.

Not at runtime. You could set env variables for a group or flow-tab & use env variables for text type fields - but this is design time.

No, unfortunately not (apart from enable/disable)

Thanks for the clarification.
Changing shared properties inside a group of nodes might be something for the future though :wink:

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