SubFlow with UI_node and group inside

Hello everybody !

I'm working a new node-red project with Zigbee protocol network.

Now that all communications system between node-red and zigbees runs properly, i would want to have possibility to create easily and re-usely an ui_node and group for each Zigbee node added in the network.

As i can do that with an subflow, how can i do with dashboard ? I understant that i can't create anything dynamicaly.

More precisely :

  • when i duplicate my subflow for a new joinned Zigbee node, duplicate also ui_nodes inside subflow in a duplicate group, and always same position. See that :

A way to do that ?

Tahnk you very much


dashboard nodes in a subflow are not supported. The result is unpredictable.

I am actually working on a solution for dashboard 2.0 but as yet, it is unsupported.

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Do you want to show multiple devices at a time, or just one at a time?

@Steve-Mcl ok sorry i don't know why but ui_node inside my subflow is running well :thinking:
I'm runing with node-red 3.1.4

@Colin I want to show all zigbee data in one tab page (the second tab is a config page for each)

I didnt say it wouldnt work :wink: It is just that you cannot sort/re-order items or see them in the sidebar manager. This becomes obvious when there are multiple ui items in the subflow.

You said that about Dashboard Layout ?

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