How to change the theme for node-red

In node-red how to change the name of the editor and the theme. And create a installer for that modified project.

I am new to node-red(new to node.js also).

Is it possible to create a multi-tenant architecture in node-red.


You can change the theme of the editor using the editorTheme property in the settings file -

There was a very recent thread in this forums where someone had created a custom dark theme - a quick search will find it.

It's up to you how you then want to create an installer for that - it isn't something we have any specific documentation on.

The runtime is single-tenant - it runs one set of flows. You can set up multiple users who are able to log into the editor, but they are still accessing the same set of flows.

Thank you!!, that helped a lot. Can you please provide information regarding how can we proceed with installer.

No. As I said, it's up to you. I don't know your requirements.

If you have only just started with it, why do you instantly have a requirement to create a custom installer? Maybe spend a bit more time on it, learn how it works and how you configure it.

Then you can figure out what you'd need to do to distribute a preconfigured instance in the way you want.

The link has moved. Here is the link as of the end of 2019: