How to check rate limit queue is empty?


I require a way to know when the delay node rate limit queue is empty (so I can route messages an alternative way when it is), what is the best way to do this?


Rate limit required, rate limit messages...
Rate limit not required, check queue is empty first (if it isn't send to the queue, so messages come out in the correct order), if it's empty, send via direct route.

You may be able to use the status node.

I'll take a look at that, thanks. I tried with a function node but I'm not sure how to add time to an already running timer (of if it's even possible).

Yes the status node should help. But if the queue is empty there is nothing to stop the message going through so not quite sure of the bypass scenario. In general I think you need to clear the timer then create a new one with the remaining time.

Sorted it via the 'status' node, didn't even know it existed!

Thank you :slight_smile: