How to close the DB connections created via a PostgreSQL node?

I currently use the PostgreSQL node a lot to query my DB and display data on dashboard. With every query I make, a new DB connection has been created. In addition to this since I have set the frequency to query every 2hrs it multiplies the connections. The node does not seem to have close connection functionality currently after the query has been run. This is extremely important for us to have as the connections max out to the DB and eventually latest data is not reflected on DB.

Appreciate if anyone has faced similar issue to share their inputs.

Hi & welcome to the forum.

There are more than 10 postgres nodes. Which one?

Have you checked to see if it has issues raised against it? Have you tried any of the other nodes?

This is the one used - GitHub - alexandrainst/node-red-contrib-postgresql: Node-RED node for PostgreSQL, supporting parameters, split, back-pressure

I couldn't find any topic specific to closing connection.

Is this not related: Server connection pool getting filled by idle "wait: ClientRead" connections when sending queries rapidly · Issue #21 · alexandrainst/node-red-contrib-postgresql · GitHub ?

If not, then you could always raise an issue!

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