How to combine sensor data and add them to influxdb

I've spend now a lot of time with google and youtube, but still I've found no solution for a potenitally simple question:
I'm sendind from an ESP32 MQTT messages. All start with ESP32/... (ESP32/temperature, ESP32/humidity...) and yes for those who know this exapmle in arduino, really basic stuff.
in NodeRed I'm able to get the sensor data and show them inside the dashboard. So half way done. But Now I would like to add the received sensor data to an influxdb. My idea is to combine the different sensors under one topic like ESP32/#, and send them to influxdb.
Does somebody have an working example?

Thanks in advance!
Cheers Michael

Did you search the forum ?

Why do you want to combine them, you can just pass them to influx as they arrive.

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