How to configure instructions in node document tab (subflow)

My hand's up.

I don't know all the tricks.

I know that you have to start the text with ** but then it is all blank.
I want to write instructions to explain how to configure a subflow I am writing.

If you are using the newer version, there should be a Description editor available for this purpose:

You can get there by double-clicking the Subflow node in the Palette, then select the Edit Properties button and look for the Description icon shown above.

You'll notice that the description text is saved in Github-flavored Markdown format (iirc) -- here is a cheat sheet page that gives a quick overview of the syntax (or just use the toolbar at the top).

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I am trying/have tried that, but I am seeing conflicts with how that works.

(Check my recent subflow post/share of toggle)

I write the stuff for the documents page, but there is this conflict with what is shown when I move the mouse over the node on the left side of the screen.

I' confused why this happens.

I found that by writing a short, unformatted paragraph at the top of the description, which is then followed by a blank line (ie 2 carriage returns), then that displays fine as the node hover info.
See screenshot below.

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I'm guessing I can't have multiple lines (C/R) to force a new line in the first bit?

If you add a paragraph break in the middle of the "first bit" then it will become the first and second bits.

The tooltip in the palette takes the first paragraph from the node info.

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Try adding 2 spaces followed by a carriage return (Markdown!)


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I also notice that I can't have headings and bold. # and **
Because when I do, I see the ** as text.

Yes that why I said

The first paragraph should be a brief summary of the node's purpose that is suitable to show in the tooltip. It should not need to have any further formatting applied. That is how it is.

@Trying_to_learn - The only reason that I know this is through my own trial & error, and it's surprising what you learn just by spending a few minutes and working it out yourself. :wink:

Yeah, I had kind of got things working - see picture above - but the double embedding of a heading and bold seems to give weird results.

I don't know if it is that it isn't supported, or I stuffed something up.

I have got it looking a bit better.
Though I still don't know the other rules about what to put where.

You could check the help style guide: Node help style guide : Node-RED

Make sure you switch the examples to Markdown on that page, rather than the default HTML.

I've looked there and tried. I seem to have missed something.

But! (Good news)
The part @Paul-Reed mentioned with the two spaces at the end of a line has helped big time with formatting.

I'm a bit confused with the numbering option as it also makes/shows leading * on the line.
But I tidied that up.

I'll maybe post it again but I may wait as the one I posted works and I have already done an update. May be a good idea to see if there are any other requests or things I missed before flooding the thread with updates.

I don't think that is exactly professional. Though yes: if there are bugs they would need to be fixed.

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