Question regarding subflow

I made a subflow that can be re-used. Below is what it shows when the mouse hovers over it. How can I put some help text to replace "no information available"? I tried to put in the 'edit property' -> 'description' but not showing up.


Another question, is there a way to find out which flows are using this subflow? (same applies for a regular node as well)

When editing the subflow, in the top left there is an edit properties button.

Click there and you get options to edit stuff about the subflow like the properties of the subflow and entering a description.


Sorry. I am wrong with what I said.
But that does give you information if you have the help active (right side of the window looks like a book) and you click on the sub-flow in the list.

Yes, I tried that. If just put some text it didn't work.

After try and error, I found that if I set the paragraph to bold then it show up when mouse hovers over. Hope this helps someone else.

The palette uses the first paragraph of the help/info text as the tooltip.

Need to look at how well that logic applies to subflows and whether it uses the raw info, which is unlikely to contain html markup, or the markdown rendered version which will.


ahh, it is that simple: first paragraph...
I was trying to put ordered list in the description but not working. However set it bold seems working fine because it is first paragraph. Thanks!

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