How to connect IEC61850 with Node RED?

Hi there, I'm a newbie here, I would like to ask, is anybody know how to integrate IEC61850 with Node Red?


I tried both the forum search & google - no hits. I don't think anyone has done this AND shared their results / code.

Power sub-stations probably should NOT be controlled with node-red ...?



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Never say never -

I'm of the same idea, but if it's just for monitoring and not sending commands, node-red could be fine (even as a gateway)

unfortunately I used the IEC 60870-5-104 protocol, which we are talking about similar applications.

Is any literature how to integrate with IEC60870-104?
Could you share please

Welcome to the world of RED Lunar.

As mentioned before, it would be a bad idea to use Node-Red for Goose or 61850.
This is used for protection relays and the like, and really, I love the power of Node-Red but you cannot and should not mix this.
I am not sure what you like to do, but any protection relay I have worked with has Modbus capabilities which allows you monitoring, if that is what you are after.
Modbus is a much simpler protocol and many examples are on this site.

Good luck on your path with Node-Red.

Ask, but search first, most roads to Rome have been explored and documented

Sorry, I have used a IEC 60870-5-104 protocol on PLC to communicate to RTU, not with node-red.

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