How to convert time format in this node

Hello, I'm a grad student of mechanical engineering. Now I'm working on a project that is related to programming using Node-Red.
I'm having a little problem in the function node which is I cannot convert the existing time stamp format to more human readable format. I was following the Node-Red essential video, but I'm stuck in this section. I put a code in the function node, but it doesn't work in the debug node.
Any advices will be very helpful to me. Thank you so much!

Is that thee dots after the equals? Try removing them.

Oh nah that's just for showing the code in one screen shot. Original code has no three dots
Thank you!

Well what you have (minus the ... is valid.

Here is proof in a REPL...


are you looking at the debug from before or after the function? (show us your flow)

Click in the debug window on the blue timestamp and see what happens, you will get human readable output.

OMG I made a baaaaad mistake. I didn't put my node after the function... Thank you!

Yes! This is working too. Thank you!

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