How to counting light?

Hi everyone,

i face some issue, example i put 1 "3 Tier Tower Lamp" and 1 sensor stick on the tower lamp.
so on the node-red part when the light is light up then start to counting the light how long has be turn on the result wanted to have 1 or 0 only.


I am sorry, I don't understand what you mean by that. Can you explain again in more detail, with examples of what might happen and what result you want.

@Colin got any node that can detect light?
example: when light is on, the node/function will start to detect the light and start to count the time until the light off.

In which context are you speaking, is this related to home assistant ?

no actually is to machine only

Ok so in relation to your question:

got any node that can detect light?

How are you able to talk to the light ? Is it a "smart" light ? if yes what kind ? Is it via a "smart" plug ? if yes what type of plug ? etc.

nope just normal tower light connect by wire using 24v and Gnd

It isn't a matter of finding a node, you need to work out what hardware you are going to use. You could use a light sensor, but would it be able to distinguish between bright daylight and the light? Alternatively you could measure the voltage or current at the light.

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