How to create a filename using jsonata in file write node

I'm relatively new to node-red. I've searched and cannot seem to find a "simple" solution to what I want to do. It seems like I should be able to use a jsonata expression to create a filename in my write file node. I want the filename to be of the format:
where msg.topic is the message topic and YYYY-MM-DD is the current year, month and day.

I cannot seem to figure out to correct syntax to do this. I know I can do it with code in a function node and assign it to msg.filename, but I'd like to understand how to do it with jsonata. I "asked" ChatGPT how to do it and it came up with the following line, which does not work (for a number of reasons)


Can this be easily done? If so, how?

"/users/public/documents/battery/" & $$.topic & "_" & $moment().format('YYYY-MM-DD') & ".txt"

Thanks for your very rapid response. I have node-red-contrib-moment installed, but your solution fails with the error on moment "attempted to invoke a non-function". Do I need to do something else to get moment() to work?

I copied your text but failed to notice there was no $ before moment
edit post above.
p.s. I would add hours mins and seconds, other wise you could end up with all files on same day overwriting each other, unless that is what you want.

I want to append to the file and have one file for each topic for each day. Thanks.

Is there someplace where the jsonata syntax/semantics for node-red is described simply?

Why $$.topic and not msg.topic in this context?

Google JSONata and one of the top one's will be docs

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