How to create diagram/sinoptic similar to PowerBI using node-red

Hello everyone

I need to understand if it's possible, and then how, to create something similar with this:

using node-red. I already did some research and didn't find anything similar.

Appreciate all the help.


I believe that I responded to something very similar recently. There is no pre-built way to do that with Node-RED right now. However, you might be able to do it with a Grafana dashboard - with no small effort.

I've done a lot of research, but haven't found any diagram-like examples that are clickable.

Microsoft have $$ millions to spend so open source projects will not be able to compete in the same way.

It is certainly possible to hand-craft things though. If you've the time and energy.

As there isn't any ready made widget for dashboard, it takes to use ui_template and create it even from scratch or with the help of some library. Known that GoJS is very powerful on such stuff but having tried it, must admit that it is overkill for such stuff and it takes quite of learning curve to get things as you wanted. If I ever needed such thing, I'd go on DIY route. STill, it is ab advanced level stuff to make.

You can create such things with any of the dashboards of course. I've been messing with vanilla SVG recently but also with D3.JS.

Which has some interactivity between the legend and the radar display.

Well known fact that I'm raw stuff lover so no libraries for me but sometimes I need to dig into some and that only makes my love to raw metal stronger.

Maybe I'll win you over to one particular gorgeous library one day. :rofl:

If there's a race I'll definitely miss the starting signal.


Do keep watching though because the next release of uibuilder will let you use it to create HTML that you can use without then needing a library to run it :mage: Might be of interest when you want to run up a quick form or display a big table.

We did hijacked this topic for sure so let's take a break here anÄŹ mind the business.

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