Looking for alternative, professional Dashboard

Hi there, I really like the default dashboard in Node-Red, but it is limited when it comes to use it in a professional way. Hence I started to look around for an alternative -more professional- dashboard which plays well with node-red (as rule engine)

I would also be happy to install a good looking stand alone app (beside node-red) ... if something like this exists.

What I'm actually looking for:

  • A dashboard with all the basic elements like buttons, gauges, text boxes, ...
  • multiple graph templates
  • Responsive design - so that it looks neat on smartphones
  • or any other method to create a professional UI on a Smartphone
  • multi tenant/multi customer dashboard
  • serving multiple projects on a single installation
  • privat and public dashboards (or elements)
  • open source would be highly appreciated...

What are my findings so far:

  • Grafana is pretty close to what I'm looking for (but elements are very limited)
  • Thingsboard looks interesting (but would replace Node-red ...)
  • freeboard ...hm ... mähh ...

Any other dashboard that could be relevant here?

Thank you guys for reading and for your help!!!

There is no swiss knife for dashboards and dashboards are generally non-interactive, it is a dashboard right (like grafana/kibana). You are looking for interaction.

Node-red-dashboard can be professional, depending on your needs.
It does not fit your needs, so you need something custom.

Take a look at ui-builder, it will fit your needs, but it requires programming, then again, you can make anything you want.

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Does Blynk offer anything useful on this question? I gather some use node-red for the lower level logic of the system and Blynk for UI stuff.

With uibuilder you can build any UI you like (hence the name) but with the emphasis on the "build". uibuilder cannot make any inferences about what you want to build or how. So it gets out of the way and lets you get on with it.

It isn't hard to build something with uibuilder and you can use standard tools with your favourite front-end framework so there are many existing dashboard templates you could pick up. But you would still need to do some work to put it all together.

Another possible alternative would be something like Grafana. In that case, you will need to output all relevant data to a database, InfluxDB being the best supported in Grafana though others are available as well.

Probably not what you're looking for but others might find it interesting: I use MagicMirror, especially as a family calendar in our kitchen. It's got lots of modules and is easy to configure.
My node-red is aggregating data, sending it to an MQTT broker and MagicMirror is subscribed to it.
I don't have an actual mirror in front of my monitor.


thankyou tht did the trick!

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