How do you visualize your Data / Charts?

Unfortunately the visualisation capabilities of Node-Red are not yet ready to use.
No authentication, missing possibility of independent UIs, multi-user functionality, ....

What do you use for visualizing your data ? How do you interact with your Home IOT over the internet ?


Your statements are not entirely correct.

Not only does Node-RED have some authentication capability but there are also multiple UI's available in Node-RED. Some of them with multi-user & multi-UI capabilities

There are also plenty of people doing visualisations in Node-RED both in amateur and professional/commercial settings.

You can also add further security to Node-RED based systems using external services.

For myself, I currently use 4 types of UI:

  • Dashboard for simple, quick prototyping
  • uibuilder for custom UI's, visualisations and dashboards. uibuilder lets you do whatever you want and is able to integrate multiple UI's and custom authentication.
  • Grafana for complex, data driven dashboards
  • Telegram bots for mobile interactions showing me simple data and responding to commands even when away from the local network. These may be simple, command-based or more comprehensive conversational interfaces.

Unfortnately uibuilder is FAR to compliated for me - I love the simplicity of Dashboard because I do not need to write code.
If it would be possible to add any kind of authentication and create several independent pages like /ui1 /ui456 /ui999 most of my problem would be solved.

Grafana needs another database

I will do some tests with Thingspeak, but I would prefer a more advanced Dashboard :frowning:

Well, you need to remember that Node-RED is open source and gets, as far as I'm aware, minimal funding considering its now wide-spread use.

I'm sure there are people who could be engaged to fulfil specific requirements you might have if you don't have the skills yourself.

Please remember though that someone has to spend time and effort developing code, it doesn't just magically appear. If you want to improve something, the community welcomes people and does its best to help if you want to learn and contribute.

You are making some very strong statements here that don't hold up to scrutiny so please take care of your language. Many people have devoted very large amounts of time (personal as well as professional) to help take Node-RED forward.

Grafana is very flexible and can take data from various sources though it is normally used with a Database, many of us use it with InfluxDB. It isn't that hard to set up a database to run along side Node-RED.

At the moment, all you are giving is negatives and you haven't made clear what your real need is or whether this is for commercial or personal use.


I think this is something many people don't appreciate about open source projects. I've been involved in a few over the years, and it is entirely down to the dedication of the community of people involved to develop and advance them. I've only recently started to use Node-RED, and hope that in the future I can contribute in some small way.

But the bottom line is that if you want to see improvements, more and better features, then do your part to support, help and contribute to the project.


I fully understand that and I really admire all the work and time that was invested to create things like Tasmota and Node-Red.
I do not have the know-how to develop such things ... unfortunately.

What I can contribute is money, I have plenty and I would like to invest it into some specific aspects of the solution that would give me some personal value-added. Is that possible ?

Sure, hire a node.js developer. Have them make a custom dashboard node that meets your requirements. I had a need for a particular node to do simple functions which I could include in a project dependency, so I learned enough javascript to make it happen. If I had 'plenty' of money, I wouldn't be complaining about free software on a forum, I would have already hired a developer for my app, like anyone else with 'plenty' of money.


Its not very realistic to hire a free software developer for a few hundred dollars :slight_smile:
But basically I am willing to invest a few hundreds to get an advanced version of dashboard - perhaps a few other people are willing to add some additional dollars and in the end its a nice amount of money for somebody how is already deep inside this project

That would not buy you much of a professional developers time!

isnt that exactly what i just said ?

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