How to create Different Login UI?

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I am trying to create a Dashboard in which when i press Admin Button it directs me to a different User Interface and when i press Admin it directs me to Admin User Interface.
Any relevant Information would be appreciated.
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directs me to a different User Interface

Are you referring to node-red-dashboard ? If yes, this is a single user dashboard only.

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I will try to explain again. In Node-Red Dashboard i want to create interface with two buttons (Admin and User) If Admin is pressed i want to get directed to another Page or User Interface and same for User

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If all you want is a web page with 2 links, the easiest way to do that is to configure a folder as your static resources folder (see settings.js) then write a simple HTML file with the 2 links in them.

Dashboard can also have links in its menu so you could have your Dashboard page with a link to the admin page.

In the Editor, you can configure a link in the title so that clicking on the Node-RED icon takes you back to the ui if you like.

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Is there any video or document where I can read it even if you give just keywords or Link will be enough
Thank you for the reply

Presently i am thinking about same and got a Demo which segregates based on the Scope but i am trying to update it as you said.

In the end this will be my Last option.
Thank you

Have a look at the settings.js file, it is annotated. Or look at the more detailed annotated version I shared on this forum a few days ago. The setting makes a folder available to Node-RED's built-in ExpressJS web server. Putting any kind of file in there enables it to be served up by Node-RED.

For example, I always set the folder location to "public" which means that the filing system folder ~/.node-red/public/ is the full location. So a file in that folder called mypage.html is served up as http://<nr-ip>:1880/mypage.html - that assumes you've not changed any of the other settings, several of which might change some of that.

All of this should be in the Node-RED documentation somewhere.

If you want to create a data-driven page at the root url, you can change the location that Dashboard is presented. Or you can use either the http-in/-out nodes to serve up a page or use uibuilder.

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