Multiple users interfaces

Hi all, I tried searching but without luck, is it possible to have multiple user interfaces, for different users, with different nodes, they are all basicly same but with different mqtt topic example localhos:1880/ui1 localhost:1880/ui2 etc ?

The Readme for the dashboard answers that...

there a whole section in the readme entitled
multiple users

not really, there is no guide how to setup multiple users Dashboards, UIs

The first sentence of that section is "This Dashboard does NOT support multiple individual users". So there cannot be a guide on how to do it.

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I am aware of that, but with apache redirecting I belive I can handle that, multiple user logins, I am interested is there option to have multiple interfaces as ui1, bi1,zy1 and all different of course

How to define the UI path is also covered in the nodes readme…

cant see it

this doesnt answer question, this is only again for single ui to be named differently.. is there option to add multiple dashboards with different names?

No. Node-RED dashboard does not support having different dashboards on different URLs.

As Nick say's, this is not possible with the standard Dashboard. However, you can easily do it with node-red-contrib-uibuilder. But with the caveat that you will need to actually build your own ui since uibuilder lets you do anything but you have to code it. Plenty of examples in the WIKI though. Also an example in a recent post about debugging output.

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