Different permissions for different UI´s

How can I set different users and permissions for the different UI´s.
I mean can I put thta with one users you can only enter i n the UI 1, with another user in the UI/2 and that way?

The dashboard only supports a single hard coded username/password. It doesn't have a way to give different users access to different tabs.

thank you for your answer

I have also been thinking about different UIs for different users. I am currently working on a home automation system which uses node red as it's core.

I haven't tried this, but I understand that it is possible to run multiple instances of node red on a single server. See heading Running Multiple node-red instances at http://www.steves-internet-guide.com/installing-node-red/

Perhaps create multiple instances, each with their own UI, that communicate with a 'master' instance via (e.g.) MQTT.

For example, node red instance 1 could be the master controller with all the logic and the master UI, and node red instances 2 and 3 could each have their own end-user UI that issues commands and receives UI updates to / from instance 1 via MQTT.

Has anyone tried this?

I am also looking at the Home Remote Designer (thehomeremote.com) application that can be used for designing UIs for Apple and Android device. That may offer a solution for those wanting custom UIs for specific users.

While it is possible certainly to run multiple instances of Node-RED it can be a little heavy on resources if you only have a Pi or similar.

However, if you are prepared to forego Dashboard's hand-holding on the UI part, you can also use uibuilder which supports ExpressJS middleware allowing you to build a custom authentication and authorisation scheme. It also allows you to build multiple ui's in a single instance of Node-RED. Each UI could even use a different front-end helper library if you like (e.g. VueJS, REACT, Angular, MoonJS, jQuery, etc).

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