How to create notification email from data excel

Please help me, I'm beginner learning node red currently I'm looking for solution below
How to create notification email from data schedule maintenance in excel when due to execution,

Welcome to the forum @Dwienov.

It is not clear exactly what you want to do, I think maybe the translation has not been perfect. If you are a beginner with node-red then I suggest you start by watching the node red essentials videos.

Then start at the beginning with your problem, it seems you need to read an excel file so have a look at the node red flows site and search for excel. That may get you started.

i mean is how to create notification when due date maintenance task in Excel is equal to 0, is it possible node red and excel to do this?

Yes, why do you think it might not be?

Feed the data you are getting out of the spreadsheet into a debug node and show us what you get.

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