If excel cell value changes, copy value to node red

I need your advice on below points

  1. I want to read the data in cell A1(numeric value) from excel sheet
  2. whenever the data in cell A1 has changed , I need to trigger event in Node red and send email notification.

Please help me on this

You could read it with this node and decide in node-red if it has changed:

To be notified of when the spreadsheet is updated you could use the Watch node.

This was covered in another thread recently, you might want to do a search of the forum.

The other suggestions here look at what you can do in Node-RED but the other alternative is to drive things from Excel.

Assuming that you are allowed macro's in your workbook, you can fairly easily use VBA (or even JavaScript in the latest Office 365 versions of Excel) to watch for changes to the workbook and trigger a flow in Node-RED using an http endpoint (using http-in/out nodes in Node-RED to create the endpoint).

If you wanted to get really clever, you could even use this method to log changes if you are not on the same network as Node-RED and then you could trigger Node-RED separately to upload the changes once you are connected again.

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