How to create switching button in new html file to control LOGO


I was hoping someone could assist me in creating my little project.
I'm afraid I don't have any experience in programming and have only started with Node-Red since a few weeks.
I understand for someone with experience my questions wil probably be enoying but I guess I have to start somewhere.

What I'm trying to do is create a web-application on Node-Red networked with a Siemens LOGO 8 to control a network input.
So far I got a communication up and running and a button on the standard node-red-dashboard controling my PLC.

The installation of uibuilder was successful and I have the standard uibuilder page active.
I'm now trying to create a empty page with just one button on/off to control my LOGO.

Can anyone assist me in accomplishing this?

Kind regards,

Can you tell us a bit more about which problems are you facing and also post your complete flow here?


I'm not sure how to proceed after draging the UIbuilder in to the flowchart.
My guess is I have to change the HTML code and some other scripts, this is the part where my knoweledge is insufficiant at the moment.
Am I right by thinking the code has to be changed for a single on/off button on a page?

Does UIbuilder the node have to be in the same position as my Q1 button?

You cannot use dashboard nodes and ui-builder. They are totally separate. You don't need ui-builder installed to use dashboard buttons.

Since you seem to have very little programming experience I would suggest you stick with the dashboard nodes.

There are a ton of videos on YouTube. This one is for someone just getting started with dashboard : Node Red | Dashboard | Basic Setup - YouTube

Hi Steve,

I appreciate your advise on keeping it basic but I would really like to go the step further. I'm sure once I can look in to a working example I'll be able to slowely find my way in the coding proces.


This might be a misplaced comment, but looking at your profile you seem like the person that could get me on my way.
Are you willing to help me out on this and maybe a few other questions? It will take an hour or two for sure but I'm more then willing to contribute for your valuable time. :grinning:

The best place to look for ui-builder examples is the ui-builder wiki Home · TotallyInformation/node-red-contrib-uibuilder Wiki · GitHub

I can understand the urge to try all sorts of things out, and to start using more advanced features, but as a beginner with very little coding or Node-RED experience, it's best to start slowly - go through all the tutorials and videos, try out some simple things with basic nodes and the standard dashboard first.

I've got over 40 years of coding experience but as a newbie to Node-RED I spent a bit of time going over the basics, and it helped a lot in my understanding.

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