How to create TCP server and access it from public IP

I have created a TCP server. If I set localhost it work. Within node red I can access and send / receive messages.

My node is hosted on AwS. I need to access tcp server from outside over internet.

I set up port forwarding but it does not work.

If i do netstat i can see tcp6 using port 89

tcp6 0 0 :::89 :::* LISTEN 16156/node-red

But when i try to connect from outside using public IP, its not working.

Let me know how I connect to the TCP server from public IP.

Have you configured your AWS security groups to open that port correctly ?

Thanks for your reply.

Yes, I was configured at AWS, however, what I missed was enabling port forwarding in my linux firewall. I just did it and its working properly now. Sorry for the trouble, it's solved now.

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