How to create time-based dimmer rules only if light is on

I have several dimmers in my home (tasmota mqtt). the lights live at 100% unless it's night time, in which case they're dimmed significantly to offer nighttime visibility without being disruptively bright.

both dimmers, let's call them A and B, can be used to illuminate the same area despite being two independent fixtures with independent control.

I would like to create a flow which dims A and/or B to 10% if and only if they're on after 10pm.

so far I've only succeeded in turning them both on to 10% at 10pm, but I would love a flow which allows whichever light (A or B) that is already on to be automatically dimmed to 10%


Do the lights have separate controls for on/off and brightness? If so then dim them whether they are on or off, it won't matter.

I will have to double check, but I believe the devices turn on if they receive a dim command in the power off state, otherwise I think my original flow would’ve worked

If you do need to solve the problem as described then have a look at node-red-contrib-simple-gate. That can be used to pass or block messages based on a Control input. Insert one of those in each of the wires from the dimmer logic and control it using the current light state so dim messages only get through if the light is on.

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