How to customize placeholder colour of nodered edit dropdown node

i want to change text color of placeholder node information and succeed to do it
an idea ?

i fix the problem with edit template node with following content at the input od edit dropdown node

md-select, .md-select-placeholder, .md-select-trigger {
  color:white !important;

This is very interesting. It worked for me, but only on a few dropdown menus, and I dont understand why. The are on the same flow page, and my template is added to site head (I also tried adding it to widget.
The red is what I wanted to dropdown text to be like on the AC group, but its still white on the Heating group. Even in the AC group, on the top one its still white.

This is what I put in my style template

:root md-select, .md-select-placeholder, .md-select-trigger { color:red !important; }

This is a screenshot of the result

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