How to decoding data from payload to string , its for show sensor informacion

please helpme to show informacion of a sensor please on node-red

i have troubles converting from data base64 to string it is my test 1


please share some details of what you have got and what you have tried. Without that we won’t be able to help.

If you search for base64 on you’ll find some nodes that can help with any such conversion - for example

hi knolleary
my problem is that my node-re recived sensor dato on base64, and i want to see them on decimal, only can watch base64 values

i dont know howit works

i tried to use an example js but it doesnt works

If you don’t share any details of what you’ve tried, we can’t help. Just saying it doesn’t work without sharing anything means we can’t see what you are doing.

Share an example piece of data you have and what you expect it to convert to.

i am really novato on this plattaform but i have tried use!msg/node-red/TOelMxZgP5g/AbSE4L8QAwAJ

A link to another thread from two years ago doesn’t really tell us what your flow looks like or any details.

Sorry, until you share any details of what you’ve actually tried or what your data/messages look like, I won’t be able to help.

Feed the data you have into a debug node and paste the resulting debug output here. Without that we don’t know exactly what you are trying to deal with.