How to delete a flow?

The last beginner question for today.

From the documentation it seems that I need to enter "delete the id number of the flow", however, it's not obvious where I enter the command. Not in the terminal window it seems.

I can delete individual nodes by selecting each one but I now have two flows displayed, one being empty.

Make the tab with the flow you want to delete active. Go to the "hamburger" menu and chose Flows->Delete.

Alternatively, double click on the tab itself to open its edit dialog - which includes a delete button.

Thank you wb666greene and knolleary for your replies. I did look at the hamburger but, for some reason, didn't notice the flows/delete entry. It's pretty obvious, once you know how.

Don't worry. You aren't the only one who misses things.

I am pretty good at that myself. Just ask anyone. :wink:

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