How to detect a node's status?

Yeah, ok it is kind of obvious that the status node may be what I want.

I would like to confirm this.

I have an MQTT node and just now there is no comms to the broker.
And so the node is in the connecting state.
(Fair enough, but it won't any time soon)

So I am now aware of this failing and would like to monitor the state of the node so if it is connecting or better connected I know.

Thanks in advance.
(Sorry I have been so quite of late. A lot of stuff has happened and I am trying to get things working again and am sort of overwhelmed with things to get done)
(and using other similar forums but are so BAD it is not funny. This is head and shoulders better.)

Belated seasonal gratuities to all.


For the sake of it I made a new "tab" and put a basic flow with an MQTT IN node and a status node connected to a debug node.
The status node was ONLY looking at the MQTT IN node.
I changed the IP address in the browser form the IP address to and DEPLOYED.
All was good. The node showed connected.
I unplugged the CAT-5 cable. NO CHANGE!
(Aw, c'mon! That's not fair! The broker is on the interweb so it can't be connected!)

How long did you wait? It can take a couple of minutes for the broker to give up.

Also, have you got wifi connection as well as the cable?

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Maybe not long enough.

I'll give it a longer time try now.

No, no WiFi connection.

Sorry, I was too impatient.

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