Status node couldnt capture disconnected status

Hi Forum,
I have a sample flow like this

When the MQTT is connected I get the status as

When the MQTT is in connecting state I get the status as

But when the MQTT is in Disconnected state I dont get any status.
Can someone in the forum help me out??

FYI I just tried it and when I disabled the broker - I got the disconnected status

What does your debug log sequence show when you do this?

Do you mean that on startup you do not get an initial disconnected status message?

When you say that you have disabled the broker. Can you let me know how you simulated it?
Im on v3.0.0 nodered.

My debug logs dont show anything.

No after the connection gets disconnected.

Did you see the disconnected status on the MQTT node?

How did your broker become disconnected?

So I created a test broker using the Aedes contrib node on one machine running NR

The flow shown is running on another machine.

So, to simulate an issue - I disable/enable the flow running the test broker

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