How to detect if someone access our Node-red with ip

Hello i'm new in node red.
i'm using node red version 0.20.0
js version = 6.4.1
Running on Windows 10

I want to detect if someone access my node red via ip (local). The output can be payload or something else. is it possible?

I already try with tcp node, and it is not worked.

From your scant description, I'm guessing you are going to open your node-red to the internet.
WARNING! unless you have secured it, this copl allow others to attack your network.

Do a search on the forum for threads about securing node-red and impliment them before going any further. once you have done that and want to discuess this issue, feel free to ask. Note: when opening a thread, it is a good idea to specify:

  • the hardware NR runs on,
  • what OS,
  • the version of NR
  • the version node.js
  • the dashboard if you are using it
  • what you have tried already.
    If you have a problem, creating a small flow showing the issue and providing the flow along with the full name (i.e. node-red-contrib-xxxx) of any extra nodes you are using is very helpfull too.