Hosting node red

Dear Sir,

I have Raspberry Pi that is connected with SIM7600X 4G Hat . it has in build internet and IP address.
how can i host my raspberry pi node red programming consol to the raspberry pi IP.
remotly i want to program my node red consol.
is that possible???


It is possible.

But you should really research the dangers of being able to get to the machine from the internet.

you know sir how to do that.

my all setup working hostname-I = public_ip_address:1880 is working in the raspberry pi but same ip if i want to access from other computer i couldn't

That is beyond my ability to explain it.

But other people have put their machine on the internet (without the required protection) and suffered badly.

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You need Intranet penetration tools such as

A detailed description in Chinese is here
how to use cpolar

Have you seen this FAQ post for advice on how to safely access node-red over the internet.?


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