How to divide JSONATA payload term?

I have collected data thru "serial in" and forwarded that to an MQTT message. Tx to all here who hellped me already. Problem now is some of the values, e.g. for the temperature are 10 times higher.
So instead of 20 degree it shows 200 to me inside MQTT.

Is there a possibility to divide and/or multiplicate payloads?

Picture shows what I´m doing right now

to be divided by 10

and another one needs the same but multiplicated by 1000

I believe this is nothing spectacular, but haven´t found the point

Why don’t you correct the data after the serial in and before the MQTT node?

I do not understand the problem, why just divide by 10 or multiply by 1000.




Tx Mickyym2
That´s what I assumed : easy if you know how.
Tx so much

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