Noob Question: Change Data Node divide array by 10

Hi there,
first steps with node red modbus and knx.

I want to grab an outside temperature from an modbus device, this device sends the temperatue as array which should divided by 10.

polling : msg.payload : array[1]
0: 184

This message is generated by "node-red-contrib-modbus" and the node "Modbus-Read". The above message should be 18,4 C°...i need this message as 18,4

So i place a change node in between and do the following rule
set "msg.payload"
to the value "jsonata" $number(payload)/10

But i receive
"Invalid JSONata expression: Argument 1 of function "number" does not match function signature"

So what i am doing wrong and how do i get the result i want? I have to divide by 10

payload is an array, the value is at payload[0]


works, thank you

Think i understood the mistake, not a single value (even there is only one) and have to point to the value position.


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