How to do this in Node-RED

Hi, guys and gals!
I am stuck and I need some advice:
Relative Humidity comes in from my green house via MQTT, eg. "81.78". I round it to a whole number, eg. "82". I want to display it, among others, on a node-red-dashboard chart.
So far I ignore via filter-node (ex rbe) all unchanged values, eg. "81.95" which would result in the same "82".
I also rate-limit the values provided to the chart to 1msg / 5 mins. I want to keep the chart lean.
So far, so good. Works great when there is sufficient fluctuation (as with temperatures).
However, when there is (like now) 100% over hours, no data gets into the chart. filter-node does its job: it filters unchanged values.
The line in the chart then ends the moment the 100%-values started coming in. The line ends some hours ago, looks like a sensor or comms failure ...
This is what I want:
-- if the value is unchanged, ignore it ... UNLESS 5 mins have passed since the very same value was there. In this case, send the new unchanged value to the chart.
-- if the value has changed, send it to the rate limit node (and then to the chart).
How would I do that with standard nodes?
Thanks in advance, Uwe

Why filter the messages , have you just tried rate limit only and drop intermediate messages, or possible the smooth node set to every 5 minutes.

I'm using myself the resend node for this purpose.

I think that node is obsolete as the Trigger node now has an option to resend the message at a repeat interval. Or does the resend node have a feature not covered by the Trigger node.

Thanks a lot. I was struck with blindness. filter was a first idea and it did stay. No second thought from me.
Regards, Uwe

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