How to download flows.json using API


I am looking for and click event where it is called from.

I am looking from where [GET/flows] and "Deploy","Export","Import" are called from.

Please guide me as i am new to NODE RED. I am using windows.


It may be easier if you get a screen shot, edit it to show what you mean, and post it here.

What do you mean by where they are called from? Where in the world? Where in the code? IP address? Where on the screen that a link is clicked? Something else?

I want to know how to download flow.js and where from it is being called. @Colin @Trying_to_learn

In web apps Download means to fetch from the server to the machine running the browser. What exactly are you trying to download, from what to where?
To download from the node-red server to the PC then click the Download button.

I think he wants to backup flows (possibly automated?) but he doesn't bother to answer questions on other thread where he has already asked...

OK, thanks Steve.

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@Steve-Mcl @Colin I want to download the flows.json using api not by going to directory and copy that.

Then you should have said that in the original thread and not started a new one.

Also, update the title of this thread as it is not relevant and not descriptive.

There is an API but you'll have to search for it or read the documentation.

An alternative working method is this...

Create an endpoint flow in node-red to deliver the json...
Http in > file in (read flow..json) > http out

@Steve-Mcl sorry for my wrong title but could you please guide me how i can download the flows.json using api?

Much better title. Thank you.

Read my previous post. I know of a way, but not the official API. Its been discussed in the forum before. Search is your friend.

And when you solve this, please be sure to feed back how you did it for future readers. Thanks.

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A 30 second search revealed you access it by /flows or /flow:id

Try http:/IP_address:1880/flows

For searching the forum, search admin API

And in the docs...


Stop creating new threads and continue your question here

I guess you do not understand the information I posted above?

Try this...

Inject node :arrow_right: http request node :arrow_right: file node

And as I said earlier, ...

I'm not sure I can do more.

If this is not enough, please ask, be more specific & please do not start another thread.


is this now resolved? Have you managed to download file?

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