How to draw the shape of a plant in nodered

Hi guys,
i wish you everyone a wonderful day.
i have an issue in drawing the shape of a plant(with its roots so it can look a little bit real hhhh) in node red so i can represent it in the dashboard.
The whole item of my project is to make a soil sensor connected to the shape of this plant via a hardware(Raspberry),and software(node red).
The roots of the plant should be linked to a scale which indicates the percentage of irrigation of the soil for the plant.
I wuld be grateful if someone can help me with solving this problem(it's urgent please).
Thank you.

This could be achieved using node-red-contrib-ui-svg

You can draw (or copy) the svg and animate whatever parts of it you want.

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That's new and interesting for me, i think i will use it but unfortunately i don't know how, is there any link or tutorial on the internet that explains SVG graphics node very well?

Take a read of the announcement thread. It might give you some insight

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