How to execute "last will" command before a configuration node get removed

On a standard node the this.on("close",function) can be executed when the node is removed and/or stopped.

But for the configuration nodes how to to execute such function before the config. node get deleted ?

In my case I have a setInterval function setup in my configuration node so I would need to clear it before the config get deleted.

Thank you for your guidance.

Have you tried an on close function in a config node? I would have thought that it triggers as the node is deleted as well - though I've not tried it.

Indeed ! thank you very much. I realized trying it again that I was not defining it in the right section block..
So it is working as expected in the standard nodes.

Yes, you may have seen from some of my other posts that I've completely restructured my nodes to make the different sections a lot clearer and more logical.

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