How to filter a result from a resquest

I have a request that returns basically that


inside of each item theres is an object that has a "dataAbertura" field, a string

im trying to filter these results with that function, but its not working => e.dataAbertura.startsWith('2021-03-08'))

can somebody tells me whats wrong with that and how could i do it?

ps: sorry for my bad english

Without seeing the data item or your full function it is almost impossible to say.

Do you assign the result of the filter function to msg.payload? Do you return the msg at the end of the function? Is dataAbertura a string? Does the data array contain objects & Is dataAbertura a parent property?

Click on the array contents to expand one or more so we can see what is there.

From the info supplied the JSONata expression used in a change node to filter on dataAbertura
with dates containing the string '2021-03-08', would be[$contains($.dataAbertura, "2021-03-08")]	

But untested as you supplied no data


its an object like that one that contains a lot of fields, one of these fields its


and the complete function im using its

msg.payload.filter(e => e.dataAbertura.startsWith('2021-03-08'))

return msg;

with a debug node on the end

i cannot show u guys the entire object but it is a lot of fields like that "id" one


msg.payload = => e.dataAbertura.startsWith('2021-03-08'))
return msg;
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it works !!

im sorry if this question was silly guys im kinda lost in node red yet, thanks a lot for your help

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