How to filter the maximum value of the last 24 hours


i'd like to show the maximum value of the last 24 hours on the dashboard with the ui-level node.
The RBE node ist nearly perfect but it only let me filter the greater like XXX or equal to the last value. But i want to get only the bigger value then the last one.

In my case i want to show the max measurement of the LUX value of the last 24h on the Dashboard.

thx in advance


should be possible in a change node with a JSONata expression. Have a look at this thread

Can't you just store the last value - compare the next value coming in - if it is greater - store that - if not throw it away - you will always have the highest value kept in the variable which can just be displayed on the dashboard.


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There is a solution for a similar problem in the following post:

I need to do a very simple task: record maximum and minimum values.
I want some node to compare the current value with the previous one and see if it is bigger or smaller. If so, return and update the maximum and minimum values. Otherwise, retone null.

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Use the smooth node. It has an option to return the minimum or maximum value seen over the last x values.


I did not even think of using that - well done !!!

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