How to generate alert with respect to time

Hello Everyone,

I am doing one demo project.
In this, I need to print some alert message on debug window, if temperature increases 5 degree within 10 minutes.
At the place of temperature data, I am using random node for generating temperature events.
Please suggest me any possible way to generate alert if temperature increases 5 degree within 10 minutes.

Thank you

some questions

  • how often will the readings come in?
  • if you get a reading of 45 and the next reading is 40, does the timer and low value reset?
  • if they resets and the readings are 45, 44, 53, 52, 61, 60... it will never tigger an alert
  • if they don't reset, which reading will be the base 40 or 45? i.e. if the next reading is 51 will the alert trigger?

According to your last point, how i can generate the alert.

Temperature sensor will not give random values. It will increase one by one or decrease one by one. So we can take one base value like 30 or 40, etc.

Instead of telling you what I think you should do, how do you think you should do it?
list out the steps you imagine would need to happen. Then we can work on how to actually do it.

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