How to get credentials value from config node on editor

Hi, everyone!
Context: I want to get some data from an API and dynamically show it on Editor
How can I get the credentials values from the config node on Editor to make the HTTP call correctly?

Node-RED: v1.3.1

The documentation for creating your own nodes shows you how use credentials and config nodes.

It will be "attached" to the javascript in your .html file and can be used in something like the oneditprepare function as this.mycredname.

Hi, @TotallyInformation !
When it's a default property it works exactly as you described, but it seems that when we are talking about credentials the workflow is a little bit different. Yes, we do have the reference to the credential property on this but can't get the value, just the node id.

The credential is going, I assume, to be defined in the config node. So you have to set it up there. It goes in a different position.

It is quite an involved set of steps. It is probably easiest to use another node's code as a reference.

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