How to get environment variables in a custom node

Hello, I created a custom node, but I don't know how to access environment variables in the custom node

pls help, thanks!

You can use:

RED.util.getSetting(node, 'ENV_VAR')

Thanks! This helped. Where is the documentation for this?

I thought it was covered in Using environment variables : Node-RED - but that is more end-user facing docs.

We should add something to JavaScript file : Node-RED

Is there a difference to process.env['ENV_VAR'] ... for a custom node?

Within Node-RED, you can set properties that are scoped to individual subflows or flows. They show up as env vars to the nodes - as long as they use RED.util.getSetting(node, 'ENV_VAR'). This is why the call includes the node object - so the runtime can look up the right value for that particular node depending on what flow/subflow its in.

Thank you for this explanation! :+1:

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