Cant find process.env settings

I have a node-red flow that pulls in env variables from a process.env node but I can't seem to find where exactly it is setting those values in my project.

I presume you mean node-red-contrib-process-env. I have not used that but looking at the readme I assume it is the system process environment that it is accessing. System environment variables can be set in many ways. Which variables in particular are you referring to?

This might help: Using environmental variables (system or user defined)

Hello Node-red Newbi here. So I added
env: process.env in my settings.js file under functionGlobalContext. I have an environmental variable named DeviceID. I put $(DeviceID) in the ClientID Property within the MQTT node. Of course my DeviceID env variable is set to the ClientID actual value "which I can see with the echo $DeviceID terminal command". What am I doing wrong. It will not connect with the variable name only with the value the name is set to.
FYI I did shutdown Node red and restart after changes to settings.js.
Thanks for your input.