How to get path params from http post url


How to get path params from http post url. e.g. http://nodered:1880/post/{name}. I am trying through

but its not working.

It is not cleare whether you are talking about the http in node or request node. I presume the in node.

From the sidebar help text of the http in node.

The node will listen on the configured path for requests of a particular type. The path can be fully specified, such as /user , or include named parameters that accept any value, such as /user/:name . When named parameters are used, their actual value in a request can be accessed under msg.req.params .

msg.req.params giving undefined error when I am using node.warn()

And how are you setting the path in the http in node config?
it should be /post/:name

Use a debug node and set it to complete msg output to see what you are actually posting in the params.

There is an example in the Node-red website Cookbook that you can import and study

Handle url parameters in an HTTP endpoint

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