How to get state of Govee H619C light strip using LAN API

I currently try to control my H619C RGBIC Strip Light from Govee with nodered using their LAN API.
How can I get the device's state?
Govee has some docs on this, but I can't figure out how to listen to the state response (I'm controlling it using udp out nodes, but I don't know what to do for the other way round)

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If you have connected tho govee device and have the fixed ip?
Then try using the udp in and out nodes out on port 4001 and in on port 4002 and send the payload to the fixed ip.

{"msg":{"cmd": "devStatus", "data":{}}}

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@E1cid I already tried that, and it didn't work

You should state what you have tried, as not to waste time repeating things.

Try sending on port 4003 as stated in "client controls govee device"

Also try sending payload as a string, and maybe without the msg outer property.
Wish i could help more but i do not have the device.

Supply an example flow of what you have tried.

I do not see your device listed in supported devices.

@E1cid: I have the H619C model,
And I can control color, brightness, on/off state and color temperature.
What doesn't work is to get the device's state
Thanks for your help

I would contact Govee support, just to make sure your not flogging a dead horse.

Hi @Aaroneisele55

As well as your UDP sender, also add a UDP message listener - on port 4002.
ensure the sender is NOT bind to 4002.

Screenshot 2023-03-30 at 18.31.08

if not working - as @E1cid suggests contact their support

Sorry - should have read the whole thread! - you tried that :sweat_smile:

@E1cid, @marcus-j-davies:
After I have really tried every combination of listening port and sending port that is somehow mentioned in the docs,
I have now contacted the Govee support.
I'll update this when I have a reply from them.

Thanks for your help

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