How to get timezone UTC+7 in node-red

i want to get timezone UTC+7, but in my node-red have timezone UTC
how i do timezone UTC+7 in node-red program?

(This isn't to do with CREATING NODE)

Could you please move it to GENERAL?

give me solution

Well, I can't just give you a solution.

How are you getting the time?

Which node are you using, or what command are you using to get the time(stamp)?

Also what do you want to do with the time? Do you mean you want to display the time using the local timezone?

It is important to understand that, for example, 12:00 UTC is the same time as 19:00 UTC+7. Those are the same time displayed in a different way

yes, i want to display 19:00 UTC+7
but, in node-red display 12:00 UTC
how i do to get display my local timezone is 19:00 UTC+7?

What O/S are you using?

Because maybe the LOCALE setting defining your timezone may not be set.

Where do you want to display it like that?
Are you running node red and the browser in the same computer? If not then are they both set to UTC+7?

As you can see, there are plenty of folk trying to help but we can't because we are missing information about what you are trying to do, how you are going about it and what environment you are working in. It is important to share these things up front so that people can help.

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