How to give path for flows_creds.json in settings.json file


I've stored "flows.json" file to external storage and defined path in flowfile property in settings.json

Same way i want to store flows_creds.json and map it to storage path

Can you help me how i define path in settings file for flow_cred.json

The credential file name is always derived from the flow file name. You cannot set a different filename.

Thanks Knolleary, i don't want to change credential file name, I just need to provide different path for credential file

Can you please help me on this

You cannot set a filename for the credentials file.

The credentials file will always be placed next to the flows file.

So by setting the flows file property, you are also setting the credentials file location

I actually defined flow file path and in same location I placed cred file but still it is not taking the cred file reference, node credentials coming as blank

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